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Who We Are

Bullion Advisors Group was created to give investment advisors the proper resources and training to safely and competitively supply their clients with physical precious metals.

We believe that by utilizing the trusted advisor approach your clients will have a tailored transaction that fits their portfolio needs.

We believe in only selling what we want to buy-back creating an efficient and cost effective marketplace for all investors.

Our Platform

The Bullion Advisors Platform was designed to give you the financial advisor a secure portal to fulfill your clients precious metals needs with a click of the mouse.

Our unique white labeled approach allows our registered agents to place live trades with the precious metals market on behalf of their clients while we take care of compliance, insurance, and fulfillment to your clients door or chosen depository.

What Our Platform Offers


Up to the minute live pricing from the COMEX


Customizable pricing models based on precious metals type. (Gold/Silver/Platinum/Palladium)


Competitive pricing – No fewer than 3-5 bids per order to ensure competitive pricing


Full pricing and shipping transparency on every order


Integrated secure storage platform that allows your client to store metals all over the world


Purchase metals on your clients behalf with direct delivery to their home or office


First class customer service, training, and compliance

Our Products

Bullion Advisors precious metals products are hand picked by our team of experts to ensure that each purchase gives the investor the best possible return when they choose to sell. Our philosophy is to only sell what we want to buy back, creating the perfect buy/sell market place for all investors.

Bullion Advisor Recommended Products